Viti Analytics

Precision viticulture platform.

Your vineyard is speaking to you. Are you listening? Viti Analytics allows you to input, chart, and uncover the inner workings of your vineyard.
Track phenological chararacteristcs, monitor disease and pest pressures, run computational transformations, and generate detailed reports.

Unparalleled precision

Gain insignts down to the individual vine level. Our patented technology provides a new paradigm; the practice of treating a vineyard block as a homogenous whole suffers from many shortcomings. Now is the time to bring your vineyard management strategy into the 21st century.

Vine Health Indicators

Much of what your vineyard is trying to tell you is hidden away in things you can't see. Early stage virus expression, pest pressures, water and nutrient deficiencies. We take the guess work and luck out of the equation and translate the whispers into actionable intelligence.

Calendar Integration

Bring your own calendar. We support Google Calendar. You can add, view, edit, and share events. (Think scheduling a pre-dawn LWP and the intern gets the event pushed to their phone)

Comprehensive Reports

Gain valuable insights at a glance or dive in deep and run analysis on data points. Our machine learning algorithms ensure projected datapoints are accurate and backed by statistically sound methodology

Robust and Visual
See the difference

Zoomable, dragable, location-aware

Our map view is optimized for in-situ measurements and visualizing your vineyard's data.
Easy logging of pest observations, phenological characteristics, maintenance issues, inputs and applications
Create work orders, extrapolate data, and view results - all by just clicking on a vine.


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